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...about the jungle

“Jungle rain had no beginning or end; it grew like foliage from the sky, branching and arching to the earth, sometimes in solid thickets entangling the islands, and other times, in tendrils of blue mist curling out of coastal clouds. The jungle breathed an eternal green that fevered men until they dripped sweat the way rubbery jungle leaves dripped the monsoon rain.”
Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

“Hell is not hot, or cold. Nor is it deep below ground, or somewhere in the sky. Instead it is a place on Earth filled with sucking bogs, disfiguring diseases and millions of tiny flesh-eating creatures.
Hell is a jungle, and it is monstrously green.”
Greig Beck, This Green Hell

“There comes a stage at which a man would rather die cleanly by a bullet than by the unknown terror of the phantom in the forest.”
― Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

...about my work

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"I've had the pleasure to work with some brilliant people in my career. I consider myself lucky, because this is not always the case in an industry where mediocre and groupthink, can often win the day. But when you do meet someone like Emily, you are reminded that work is not always "work" — it can actually be exhilarating. I've partnered with her for years on brand strategies, and I am amazed by her intellect and her talent. She is an astute strategic thinker. Her research skills are honestly wise beyond her years. And when you bundle that up with real talent (she's a great writer by the way), you have one of those rare professionals who brings real scope to a project. But my enjoyment in working with Emily goes beyond the skills. She is honest, authentic, funny, and really fun to be around. Down to earth common sense, lofty ideas, and wicked sense of humor? Count me in."
― Dee Papit | President, Lone Wolf Marketing

"Sometimes people ask me what characteristics make a great brand strategist? The most important ones include a genuine desire to understand the dynamics that drive companies, consumers and communities, curiosity about what makes organizations tick and what makes people behave as they do, a strong desire to solve complex challenges in simple, logical ways, willingness to question everything and everyone, to get at the truth, and the ability to bring creativity to the analysis and interpretation of quantitative information. Emily possesses all of these characteristics. She is an astute observer, an original thinker and a caring collaborator. I tend to be a harsh critic of much of the work being done in our profession, but I can honestly say that Emily's work is superb, and the bonus is that she is a delight to work with."
― Kelly O'Keefe | Managing Partner & CEO, Brand Federation

You can miss me with the jungle.
Today is the day to put your foot down and say that the jungle just isn't for you, and that you prefer watching reruns of Community instead. You in?